Humanity Has Failed - Split w/ Down In It

by No Restraint

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This is our half of a split 7' with Down In It on Bitter Melody Records.


released November 7, 2015

Recorded and Produced by John Howard.



all rights reserved


No Restraint Jacksonville, Florida


Warren / Troy / Kyle / Cronin


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Track Name: Torture, Fear, and Death
Track Name: Learning From Spite
Who are you to say that words are only words? Who are you to say you mean nothing by how you speak? Ignorant things said under your breath mean even more than you think. An intelligent person doesn't use words derived from hate. No matter the year, no matter intent, the meaning is still the same.

Is this what we've learned? Discourage others with the things we say? Hold others down with our words?

You stab the knife, you twist the blade.
Never learning from your mistakes.
You stab the knife, you twist the blade.

Ignorance justified by ignorance.
A small person hiding behind big words.
You're blinded by the things that you don't get.
A never ending struggle...

Track Name: We Suffer As One
I have been forced to learn the difference between true progression and acceptance. With so much at risk, and so much energy wasted, the world turns a deaf ear.

Every night that we close our eyes while still missing the point, every time we waste these learn a lesson, to make a change, to do our part to end our suffering.

How can we thrive in a time of knowledge, when so much of our existence gets thrown away. Thrown away on weakness, thrown away on selfishness.

I won't feed the fire that turns this world to ash.

An animal is not an object, a human being is not a target. What's left will fall apart, if we don't get started. Change the way you look at the world and most of all, yourself.

When we suffer, we suffer as one.